JCP Overview

What is the Job Creation Partnerships Program?

The Job Creation Partnerships Program (JCP) links employment insured individuals and festival partners to promote long-term employment as well as community and local economic development. The benefits for JCP participants are endless – acquire new skills, build a network, maintain an active resume, and continue job searching.

Job Creation Partnerships Program Participation


Prior to an interview with Ottawa Festivals, JCP candidate eligibility is determined according to the following criteria:

  • Candidates must currently be in receipt of EI payments or have received EI payments within the last 3 years (Reach back status)
  • Candidates who established a claim for Employment Insurance maternity or parental benefits and were paid benefits within the past five years, and are re-entering the labour force after having left it to care for newborn or newly adopted children
  • Candidates may not leave employment to participate in JCP
  • Candidates must be living in Ontario (As determined by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD)
  • Candidates must have submitted a current resume to Ottawa Festivals
  • At the discretion of the Ministry, candidates generally may only participate in the JCP once in a two year period and may not have recently participated in another Ministry funded employment program


  • Once a candidate has been determined eligible for the JCP, an interview with Ottawa Festivals is scheduled
  • Candidates must bring proof of current receipt of EI payments or EI payments within the last 3 years to their initial interview
  • If deemed appropriate for the JCP, candidate resumes will be forwarded to one or more festival offices for secondary interview(s)
  • Candidates will be contacted by festival directors for secondary interviews
  • Offers of employment will be extended from festival directors to candidates – start dates will be negotiated between the festival and the candidate once the Ministry approves the candidate for the program
  • Candidates will contact Ottawa Festivals immediately once JCP employment has been secured
  • Once an offer has been accepted and prior to the start date, candidates must contact one of the Ottawa Service Sites to be recommended for the JCP position (see Ottawa Region Service Sites and Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Procedures)
  • The selected service site will forward completed paperwork to MAESD for processing
  • Please note that MAESD maintains final approval on each candidate. An email notification is most often sent by MAESD once they approve the application.

Guidelines for Job Creation Partnerships Program Participants

Highlights of working Conditions:

  • Participants’ work schedules may need to be flexible according to festival needs – to accommodate meetings, festival setup and other related special events
  • Ottawa Festivals must be made aware of any irregular work schedules
  • Participants work onsite at the festival office – working from home on a regular basis is not allowed
  • Participants must follow and respect all festival office procedures and guidelines
  • Participants report to and receive direction from a festival supervisor
  • Participants must notify festival supervisors immediately of any absenteeism – if a participant is ill for more than 3 consecutive days a letter from a physician may be requested

Job Searching:

  • Participants are encouraged to explore other employment opportunities while participating in the JCP
  • Participants are allocated 4 hours/week, which may be accumulated to a maximum of 8 hours every 2 weeks, for active job searching – including meetings with employment counselors, additional time off is granted for job interview time
  • Participants must notify festival supervisors when time will be taken for job search and interviews
  • Participants may be asked to postpone job search time two weeks prior to, and during, the festival – regular job search may be resumed after the event and job search time accumulated may be taken prior to the end of the contact

Terms of the JCP contract:

  • Participants agree to a probationary period of 3 weeks to ensure a proper match of skills with job requirements
  • Any changes to a JCP description must be agreed upon by both the participant and festival supervisor – Ottawa Festivals must be notified of all modifications
  • Participants may terminate a JCP contract once other employment is secured or enrollment in an academic program – participants may not otherwise leave a JCP contract without risk to future EI benefits and eligibility from other MAESD programs
  • Participants may be released from a JCP contract if there is an improper match of skills, an instance of inappropriate action, breech of trust or lack of work
  • Participants are committed to a JCP position once the contract has been signed – modifications, including requesting moving to another festival or position even if a participant has been released from a festival, are not accepted
  • If an issue or concern arises between the hiring festival and the participant, the festival supervisor must be notified and if no resolution results, the issue may be submitted in writing to the HR Manager of Ottawa Festivals – it is to the discretion of the HR Manager of Ottawa Festivals and the participant to follow up with the festival in regard to the issue; an impartial committee such as the Board of Directors of Ottawa Festivals may be called upon
  • Ottawa Region Service and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development Procedures
  • Once a festival director has selected a candidate for a position, the festival will contact that candidate and extend an offer of employment. Upon acceptance, an offer letter will be forwarded to the HR Manager of Ottawa Festivals who will contact the candidate to review the next steps, which are outlined below.

The Next Steps

  • Ottawa Festivals will provide the contact information for the most convenient Ottawa Region Service Site office location – candidates are responsible for making an appointment
  • Candidates who already have an Service Site counselor are encouraged to contact their counselor directly for an appointment
  • When calling to set up the appointment, candidates must inform the designated service site of the offer of employment and that it is a position with the Job Creation Partnerships Program through Ottawa Festivals in order to set an appointment within 24 hours where possible
  • Candidates must notify Ottawa Festivals of the appointment time and the counselor’s name

Ottawa Region Service Site Interview

  • Candidates are given the opportunity to discuss with a counselor the JCP position – how it fits with career goals, whether it is the best placement based on what is available
  • If the JCP position is deemed appropriate for the candidate, a rationale will be faxed to MAESD for consideration

Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development

  • Ottawa Festivals will contact MAESD on behalf of candidates to schedule an appointment for signing the JCP contract
  • Once the contract is signed, candidate profiles will be entered into the MAESD to ensure that each candidate’s JCP status is accurately reflected and that candidates are paid accordingly

Hiring Festival

  • Once MAESD has completed the documentation process, candidates may begin with the hiring festival
  • Ottawa Festivals will confirm candidate official start date with both the hiring festival and JCP candidate

Ottawa Region Service Providers

Area Service Provider Telephone
West ITO 2.0 Employment Services 613-688-0440
Ouest Pinecrest Queensway Employment Centre 613-288-3880
CERC (Community Employment Resource Centre) 613-828-2123
YMCA-YWCA 613-727-7070
Downtown City of Ottawa / Ville d\’Ottawa 613-560-0622 x 26402
Centreville YMCA-YWCA 613-788-5001
John Howard Society / Société John Howard 613- 789-7418
St. Lawrence College / Collège St. Lawrence 613-232-0022 x1770
East Northern Lights Canada 613-688-3670
Est Centre des services communautaires Vanier 613-742-4400
La Cité Collégiale 613-741-9042
South/Sud YSB Employment Services / Services d’emploi du BSJ 613-236-8244


The most up to date list of centres can be found on Employment Ontario’s website.


This program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario