Your Favourite Villains are BACK at Ottawa Fringe!


OTTAWA, ON: Duck and Roll Theatre (formerly MLangdonMusicals) is bringing the witty Canadian musical, UNSUNG: The Accidental Villains of History, back to Ottawa Fringe Festival. Toronto based performer Mackenzie Langdon is thrilled to bring her zany musical to the city where she was born and raised. Performances will take place at the Arts Court Theatre June 13th through June 22nd.

Experience an original musical featuring catchy tunes and sharp wit that comically remasters seven different historical events and the famous figures who inadvertently caused some of the world’s greatest disasters. From the admissions director who rejected Hitler from art school to the animal-loving guard who let in the Trojan Horse – don’t miss this unforgettable blend of humor and history!

At the 2023 Ottawa Fringe Festival UNSUNG received rave reviews and was one of two companies to sell out LabO Theatre. Apartment 613 called it a “multi-layered performance” that could “appeal to any age and degree of sophistication”.

Composer/Performer Mackenzie Langdon first presented UNSUNG: The Accidental Villains of History at the 2021 TD Festival of New Works in Victoria, BC. This version was fifteen minutes long and only featured the three of the seven re-told stories, one being a cast favourite, the story of the Guillotine (or should we say Guy-otine). It then grew into the version seen at last year’s fringe, adding four new stories including those of the Chicago Fire, and the Niagara Falls.

This summer, fringe audiences in Ottawa, Winnipeg, and London will see the most polished and professional version of UNSUNG. In 2023 Apt 613 said “..the cast of UNSUNG could do anything and get instant laughter and applause” and returning cast members Mackenzie Langdon, Meg Barbeau, and Dawson Fleming are eager to bring this unique skill to the Fringe stage once again. They are also delighted to welcome new cast/crew members, Adrien Pyke and Jane Aster Roe, to their villainous team. Fringe has always been a space for new creators to get useful feedback to take their performance to the next level, and we are proud to share UNSUNG in its final form. “This is Fringe!” – Apt 613.

Content Advisories: Discussions of Violence and Death

What: UNSUNG: The Accidental Villains of History

Who: Cast of UNSUNG; Mackenzie Langdon, Meg Barbeau, Adrien Pyke, Dawson Fleming                                                                      When: Thursday, June 13th 10:30pm, Saturday, June 15th 7:30pm, Monday June 17th 7:30pm, Wednesday June 19th 9:30pm, Friday June 21st 6:00pm, Saturday June 22nd 5:30pm
Where: In-person performances will take place at the Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Ave, Ottawa ON. Tickets can be purchased at 

Ticket Price: $14 + fees
*All audience members must purchase a Fringe Button to enter any Fringe Location
Mackenzie Langdon
Show Producer and Composer
613-291-9118 | [email protected]