Volunteer at a Festival in Ottawa

Volunteer at a Festival


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“Your Passion, Igniting Action”

What does that mean?

This inspiring call to action is fueled by the diverse array of festivals in our city. Each festival ignites unique passions, motivating individuals to take action by volunteering at these vibrant events. Embrace your passion and transform it into meaningful action through the admirable choice to volunteer, enriching both yourself and our community.

We are thrilled to introduce our Volunteer Connect platform which brings together a multitude of festival volunteer opportunities in one centralized space. Here, folks from our community and beyond can explore and engage with a diverse array of causes, events, and organizations that align with their passions and interests. Our team is passionate and excited about the potential for this initiative to make a meaningful impact, not only by facilitating connections between volunteers and opportunities but also by amplifying the collective efforts towards positive change in our communities.


Join us on this journey of connection, collaboration, and community empowerment through Volunteer Connect!


Are you with an OFN festival organization and looking to recruit volunteers for your event?

If you have any questions or need help registering your organization’s account, please contact Robyn at [email protected].