The Korean Cultural Centre to host its largest ever cultural festival, feat. K-pop artists

The Korean Culture & Information Service (KOCIS), the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and the Korean Cultural Centre Canada (KCC) are holding a weeklong cultural festival ‘2023 Korea Week’, in Ottawa, Ontario. The largest it has ever been, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Canada and Korea, ‘2023 Korea Week’ provides opportunities for Canadians to experience rich and diverse Korean culture.

In addition to KOCIS, the Korean Embassy, and the KCC, the event has been organized with participation and support from various institutes and companies, including Korea Tourism Organization Toronto, King Sejong Institute in Montréal, Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, Korean Community Association of Ottawa, the Seoul Shinmun Daily, Seoul Metropolitan Government, City of Ottawa, Optimal Show Experience (OSE), and Missha Canada, making it a more diverse and enriching experience than ever before.


1. K-Music & K-Cinema

Pre-opening night celebration starts with the ‘K-Music & K-Cinema’ event on Friday, June 9, at 18:00 (ET), at Lansdown Park. The event begins with performances by students of the KCC’s culture course, ‘K-Academy’, which include Korean fan dance, music performances, and K-pop dance. The evening continues with screenings of six short Korean animated films <(OO)>, <Seoulsori>, <Pigeon>, <SUNNY CHILD>, <Misery Loves Company>, and <THIS IS US> on the outdoor lawn. The KCC will provide mats for people to enjoy a warm summer evening filled with film and music.


2. K-Fest with K-Pop Cover Dance Festival

The KCC is excited to announce ‘K-Fest’, the headline event for the 2023 Korea Week at Lansdowne Park. Visitors will be able to experience every aspect of Korean culture, from its cuisine, tourism, Hangeul, traditional culture, taekwondo, K-pop, and Hanbok, in one place.

Various cultural booths will begin to operate at 13:00, featuring the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, Korea Tourism Organization, Korean Community Association of Ottawa, and National Folk Museum of Korea’s ‘Culture Box’. A range of Korean and local foods will be available, such as Korean hotdogs, kimbap, sweet and sour chicken, bulgogi pie, croffle, and Korean snacks.

The opening ceremony at 17:00 will see the Canadian Children’s Choir and K-Pop boy group ‘Kingdom’ join together to sing the national anthem of both counties, symbolizing the harmony between the two nations. In recognition of the 60th anniversary of CAN-KOR diplomatic relations and the growing influence of Korean culture, the City of Ottawa will officially proclaim June 9 to June 15 as ‘Korea Week’ during the opening ceremony. Following the proclamation ceremony, the ‘Korean Culture Scene’ special performance commemorating the anniversary will take place, featuring various acts such as Taekwondo demonstrations, b-boy street dance, K-Pop, contemporary dance, and traditional dance by the Korea National Sport University performance team.

The ‘2023 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival (KCDF)’, an annual dance competition that has been gaining popularity and interest from Canadians, will take place at 19:00. Co-hosted by Seoul Shinmun and the KCC, the top 12 teams that have advanced from the preliminaries will compete for a spot for Global Round to be held in Seoul to represent Canada. K-Pop boy group Kingdom has been invited as a special judge for this event.

The finale of K-Fest is decorated with special performances by renowned K-Pop artists. Solo K-Pop artist and former IZ*ONE leader ‘Kwon Eun Bi’, along with boy group ‘Kingdom’, have prepared a special stage for Canadian fans, promising a night filled with unforgettable, spectacular performances.

As a side event, local K-Pop fans and Kingdom will visit major attractions in Ottawa on June 11, participating in flash mob events throughout the city.


3. Traditional K-food Experience

The KCC, in collaboration with the Institute of Traditional Korean Food, will hold a special programme, ‘Traditional K-Food Experience’, on Monday, June 12. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of CAN-KOR diplomatic relations, the programme takes on the theme of the Korean Royal Banquet, as number 60 signified the completion of one life cycle and the beginning of a new celebratory cycle. The program will include a lecture by the representative of the Institute by YOON, Sook Ja, on the royal food culture of Joseon Dynasty, an exhibition of past royal tea services and recreated noodle dishes, and hands-on activities allowing participants to make and tase noodle soup and sliced boiled meat, which are essential components of a feast.

The rare opportunity to explore traditional Korean food in Canada is designed for both the general public but also at professional chefs, providing an opportunity to expand the appreciation and understanding of Korean cuisine.


4. My K-Film Snow Globe

The KCC will screen BONG Joon-ho’s 1994 short film and host a workshop creating snow globes featuring Korean movie posters and scenes on Tuesday, June 13, at 18:00. is a short film directed by Bong during the 11th Korean Film Academy in 1994, comprising three individual stories and an epilogue that organically connects them. The snow globe workshop allows participants to capture memorable or favourite scenes in their own snow globes, providing a space for participants to discuss a wide range of Korean works.


5. Korean Calligrapohy: Hangeul & Obangsaek

On Wednesday, June 14, at 18:00, a special calligraphy class will be held as part of 2023 Korea Week. Co-organized with the King Sejong Institute in Montréal, this unique event will be conducted both online and offline simultaneously. The class will allow participants to learn the Korean language through calligraphy and create their own calligraphy artwork by incorporating Korean culture and diverse colours. Additionally, a Korean writing competition will be held for participants to help them become more familiar with and confident in the Korean language. Participant can choose to join the event at the KCC, King Sejong Institute in Montréal, or online.


6. <Take Your Seat, Together>, CAN-KOR photography exhibition

The KCC will host a photography exhibition <Take Your Seat, Together> from Thursday, June 15, to Wednesday, July 12, at the KCC exhibition hall, commemorating the 60th anniversary of CAN-KOR diplomatic relations. The opening reception will be held on June 156, attended by prominent figures from the cultural and arts sectors.

<Take Your Seat, Together> features landscape and portrait photographs of Korea and Canada taken by Canadian photographers Randy Vanderstarren and Spencer Vanderstarren. Through these images, visitors can explore the stunning beauty of both countries while also uncovering how they are connected in unexpected ways. Despite the geographical distance and cultural differences between Korea and Canada, this exhibition reveals their surprising similarities.

The spokesperson for the KCC said, “The 2023 Korea Week, held in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the CAN-KOR diplomatic relations, is expected to address the growing inters of Canadians in Korea and provide a great opportunity to introduce various aspects of Korean culture in depth. For Canadians, it’s a chance to experience Korea’s rich culture and traditions firsthand in Canada, while for Korea, it’s an excellent opportunity and stepping stone to promote our culture globally. This event will serve as a bridgehead for the expansion of exchange and cooperation between the two countries and the development of future-oriented relations.”

More details about the 2023 Korea Week events can be found on the KCC’s website and social media.

2023 Korea Week
– Dates: June 9, 2023 – June 15
– Venue: Various, Ottawa
– Approximately 10, 000 attendance expected across all events.
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