Resources for Local Artists


Resources for Local Artists Who are Out of Work Due to COVID-19

Artists are the core of a lot of festivals and in this time many artists have seen their exhibitions, performances, and contracts cancelled or postponed. Without these jobs, these artists now have no outlet for their art and a lack of resources, so here is a short guide for artists on what supports are available and ways that people can support their local artists. 

Music Together: This Ontario wide program provides funding for artists to perform live-streams from. Music Together is described as A living room concert series to pay artists in need and there is a link to support the fund as well.

#CanadaPerforms: The National Arts Centre is taking applications for the Canada Performs program until April 20th. The program gives performing artists, ensembles and professionally published authors who’s book launch was set for spring or summer 2020 through a grant and platform to upload performances to the NAC’s Facebook page.  

Patreon: This website is a resource for artists and creators of all kinds to seek patrons to support their work and secure a steadier revenue stream. It is a virtual way to connect to the arts and continue to create. Patrons of the arts can also seek out artists by connecting to creators directly based on the type of artists you’re looking to connect to.

Cdn Studio: This virtual rehearsal space allows artists to book rehearsal time and connect to artists all over to collaborate and create. Cdn Studio sessions are currently free, and you can book a 30, 60, or 90-minute rehearsal time.

Artist Relief ProjectThere is also international funding resources available for artists of all disciplines through the Artist Relief Project. It operates on a first come first served basis and the fund will continue to support artists affected by COVID-19 as the fund receives donations.

CBC Relief Fund: This fund is accepting applications until April 24th to support innovative projects in three streams. The innovation stream is open to established and emerging artists in a variety of genres (fact or fiction) are encouraged to apply. There are also streams for playwrights and for short documentary filmmakers.

CBC’s Art Uncontained: This new platform introduced by the CBC has links for artists to find support and places to perform and continue to work. There are also multiple platforms for art lovers to connect to online arts content of all kinds including pandemic diaries, the Great Canadian Singalong and more.

Unison Fund: Unison Fund provides multiple resources to specifically support the Canadian music community. There is also a resource list available from Unison Fund of National and Provincial resources available on a general scale as well as for specific communities across the country such as different artist resources and supports for more vulnerable communities as well.

If you’re looking for some more options here is an article from the CBC with some more resources available.

Most of these resources for artists also have places on their websites for people to donate if they can, to help support the arts community. There are more resources becoming available so if you find new resources that are not listed please email [email protected]