Ottawa's only tourist centre to close

Budget considerations partly responsible

CBC News

Ottawa’s only tourist information centre will be closing this week, with tablet-toting information officers and a more modest kiosk set to take its place.

Staff at the Capital InfoCentre across from Parliament Hill have helped more than 325,000 people a year find their way and book hotel rooms.

Andy Rajagopalan is one tourist who found the info centre useful.

“We saw the info centre and thought it would be a good place to find our bearings,” said Rajagopalan, who was visiting with his wife from North Carolina.

“It was awesome, there’s a very nice map. You have a button you can push, and it shows you where the building you want to go is.”

But the National Capital Commission says finances and a need to modernize visitor services are forcing the closure of the information centre, effective Tuesday.

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