OFN supports CLMA’s Recommended COVID-19 Relief Measures

The Ottawa Festival Network has contributed to, and supports the Canadian Live Music Association’s recommended relief measures for Canada’s live music and festival industries.

  1. A large-scale compensation fund for concert and festival producers
    Countries around the world are starting to introduce compensation funds. For example, the European Commission has recently approved a €12 million fund for Danish concerts and festivals. We ask the Canadian Government to introduce similar measures to support our live events to ensure businesses do not close outright, and that we can remain competitive on an international level.
  2. Assistance for self-employed workers and small business
    A huge number of self-employed workers and small businesses (artists, musicians and industry) are a part of the live music industry. This spring was projected to be an especially good season, with a large amount of activity taking place. They are exceptionally vulnerable.
  3. Short-term work benefits
    Ensure that live music workers, be they self-employed or otherwise, can quickly and easily access benefits such as EI.
  4. Tax Relief
    That any tax relief efforts being extended to other business sectors include music festivals, concert producers, agents and others working in the live music industry. (e.g. HST, payroll taxes)
  5. Insurance
    We ask the government to hold the insurance industry accountable, to insist they are following proper protocol by paying out on claims where legally applicable.
  6. Eligibility for Grants and Loans
    Canadian live music companies and organizations should be eligible for any grant/loan program being offered, regardless of “perceived risk”.

» Read the full CLMA letter (PDF)