Not Vanilla: Ottawa Tourism spices things up in Toronto Ice cream promotion melts stereotypes

OTTAWA, June 27, 2018 — Ottawa Tourism, as part of an innovative marketing initiative with Rethink, created its very own cheeky ice cream brand, Not Vanilla, which was served in early June on the streets of Canada’s largest city. Samples of the ice cream were given away at a pop-up event at 369 Queen Street West in Toronto on June 2 and 3.

As the name promises, Not Vanilla takes a stand against boring by serving flavours that are as surprising, delightful, and dynamic as the experiences they were inspired by that can be enjoyed in Ottawa.

Ottawa Tourism produced a video of authentic reactions to the Not Vanilla experience. The video, as well as photos of the event are available on the Ottawa Tourism website and more information can be found on the @WeAreNotVanilla Instagram account and the campaign landing page.

Not Vanilla is an audacious testament to Ottawa’s liveliness and a brilliant way to show off what our city is about to our Toronto neighbours. We want them to get inspired to come our way to discover all of the exciting experiences, delicious culinary endeavors, and dynamic neighbourhoods their capital city has to offer,” says Michael Crockatt, President and CEO of Ottawa Tourism.

The special frozen treats were made by a popular Ottawa ice cream maker – one of the many talented people who contribute to the city’s dynamic entrepreneur scene.

There were 5 inspired Not Vanilla flavours offered:

  • Rideauculous (Peppercorn + Plum);
    Smooth like a long, summer day cruising the stunning waterway of the Rideau Canal and crisp like a lovely, winter day on the largest skating rink in the world. Like gliding down the Rideau Canal Skateway, put Peppercorn and Plum on your bucket-list.
  • Roam Sweet Roam (Vegan Coffee + Date);
    Familiar yet complex, this coffee-flavoured ice cream evokes a quiet morning stroll through a scenic Ottawa neighbourhood or the sunlit Great Hall of the National Gallery of Canada. With hints of date and caramel, this vegan treat is sure to add a dreamy note to your day.
  • ByWard ByNight (Smoked Caramel + Bitters);
    This cocktail-inspired ice cream is sure to stir up visions of great nights and late nights – the kind of memories made in the ByWard Market neighbourhood. Busy with local artisans, shops and restaurants during the day, but like any good desert, it’s enjoyed best after dark.
  • Urban Splash (Hops + Honey);
    Let your taste buds follow the sweet waves of honey and refreshing splashes of hops inspired by the Ottawa River. Whether you’re cascading over whitewater rapids or taking in the view of downtown from the river, a taste of Urban Splash is sure to get your heart racing.
  • Ottawild (Apple + Elderflower frozen yogurt);
    This apple and elderflower flavoured frozen yogurt will make you want to embrace the great outdoors. Clean, sweet and crisp like the air you’ll breathe while hiking, rock climbing, bungee jumping or just casually strolling through the Canadian Tulip Festival. Get a little closer to nature with every cool, sweet bite.

Not Vanilla complements Ottawa’s Own, a series of videos highlighting a group of talented Ottawans, targeting Toronto millennials. The second series of Ottawa’s Own videos will be released this fall.