Navan Fair launches 50/50 Draw

The Cumberland Township Agricultural Society (CTAS) is a charitable institution which originated on January 30, 1946, with a small population of approximately 150 residents. It has greatly evolved over the past 60 years to hold a membership of approximately 250-400 including exhibitors.

The CTAS held its first Navan Fair in August 1946. The 2-day event continued annually every August until 1974, when, the events and attendance grew so large that it was deemed necessary that the fair would be 4 days long.

Located in the village of Navan, a 20-acre site situated in a rural community within the city of Ottawa, with an average annual attendance of over 26,000 people, the Navan Fair attracts many visitors from near and far. We struggle, as many small communities in rural areas do, with the title of rural and the agricultural focus. As suburban communities meet rural communities, we must adapt and yet remain true to our mission.

We are a Community Fair run by the community of Navan and surrounding areas. We were established by community leaders, and their families who still actively participate in every area of our program and events. We are proud to have our heritage families and they are equally proud to participate. Many of the original families include names such as – Rathwell, Cotton, Edwards, Watson, McWilliams, Matthews, Savage, Burns, Hamilton, Johnston, Bradley, Moffatt, Smith, Simpson, McNeely, Rivington, Lowe and Findlay. As you will note, there are many, and they all still play an integral role in supporting our Fair and activities.

All proceeds from this raffle will go directly to off set the costs of giving fair goers the best possible events, shows, and live music.

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