John Baird advises Ottawa to look beyond public service

Mohammed Ahmed, The Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — The future of Ottawa as a great capital lies in not just being a government town, but also in diversifying its economy to ensure future prosperity, says Foreign Minister John Baird.

Baird said Ottawa is blessed with a vibrant public sector that has fuelled economic growth, but the biggest challenge facing the city as it looks forward to the future is how to build on the prosperity that has anchored the city’s much-vaunted quality of life.

“The biggest thing for the future of the capital, how we make it a world-class capital, and how we continue to enjoy our pretty quality of life, is how we ensure we are prosperous and attract the jobs of the future,” Baird said in an interview at the grand opening of Algonquin College’s new trades building on Friday.

“The No. 1 issue for me is: how can we diversify our economy, jobs, economic growth. That’s the issue facing every city in the country and I don’t think it is any different here in Ottawa.”

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