Design Assistant- Classic Theatre Festival

Job Title: Design Assistant – 1 position

Work Period: June 12 to August 6 (8 weeks @ 35 hours/week on average)

Location: Nepean Arts Centre (June 12 to 28) Arts Court Theatre (June 28 to Aug. 6)

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The Design Assistants will provide support to the Set and Lighting designers as part of the Classic Theatre Festival’s 2023 summer season at Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue, Ottawa. This will include supporting the design process and implementation of the final designs for each show, as well as ongoing technical design support during the run of each play. In addition, the Design Assistant will join the Front of House team during the performances as needed.

During the pre‐production and training stage, the Design Assistant will be supervised and mentored on a daily basis by the Designer they are assigned to who, in addition to providing training in theatre design, will also ensure they receive training in accessibility guidelines (AODA), sexual harassment rights and responsibilities, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and other workplace safety practices. As summer staff, they will also receive training from an Algonquin youth leader on issues related to Truth and Reconciliation, anti‐racism, and other forms of discrimination that have traditionally affected equity‐ seeking communities.

The Designer will work closely with the Design Assistant to respond to unexpected issues that arise in the context of theatre design, while also providing training and guidance in problem solving to address any issues that arise in the workplace. The multi‐faceted nature of the Design Assistant position will provide a wide set of skills training that are useful for those pursuing both academic and technical studies. Skills learned will include learning to anticipate and prevent problems, collaborative work in a fast‐paced environment, research of historic cultural trends, translating paper drawings into physical placement of set pieces and furniture, employing green‐energy lighting systems, and modifying design elements during transition from rehearsal hall to the stage.

In terms of Front of House duties, the Design Assistant will report to the theatre manager, and assist audience members during performances. This is a training position. However, experience and/or interest in visual arts, theatre design and technical theatre production are assets.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Matthew Behrens, Associate Producer: [email protected].