Digi60 Ottawa Filmmakers Festival: 2013 Spring Edition – We Are Doing a 180 !

Digi60 is excited to announce its second annual Spring Filmmaker’s Festival … and this time Filmmakers have 30 days to make a film of up to 180 seconds. This year we are running the spring festival in collaboration with The Creative City Network of Canada, and the screening of the films will be part of the 2013 Creative City Summit which will be held in Ottawa from May 29th to 31st. Our Spring Digi60 challenges filmmakers from across the country to write and shoot a short digital film of 3 minutes or less in 30 days based around a “catch”. Previous catches have included first and last lines, basing your film on a story written by a child, and having your film revolve around a passionate kiss. Filmmakers are required to work with various creative groups in their city, including writers circles, actors groups, and established production companies. Digi60 is not only about making films, but about making filmmakers. This year’s “Catch” will be released on or about April 15th, both on-line and at a live event to be held at Ottawa City Hall. Completed films from all cities will be curated by a judging panel, and selected films will be shown at a public screening on May 30th as part of the 2013 Creative City Summit in Ottawa. All entered films will be made available through the Digi60 website – www.digi60.org