Capital to welcome famous Jinju City lanterns: Outdoor Garden of Lanterns to shine during Winterlude 2013

The National Capital Commission (NCC) is pleased to announce that an exciting cultural programming element and symbol of Canada-Korea friendship will be showcased during the 35th edition of Winterlude, from February 1 to 18, 2013.

Details of an outdoor Garden of Lanterns exhibit planned forConfederationPark, an official Winterlude site in the heart ofCanada’s Capital Region, were presented before the Canada Korea National Forum & Celebration inOttawa, and announced today at the official launch of Winterlude 2013 programming.

“This magnificent exhibit will enable residents and visitors to experience the cultural diversity of the Capital through the presentation of international works of public art,” said Guy Laflamme, Senior Vice-President, Capital Experience and Official Residences at the NCC. “The NCC is pleased to collaborate with the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival, the Jinju Art and Culture Foundation andJinjuCityto bring this unique and highly colourful experience to Canadians. This collaboration also serves to highlight the cultural relationship that has unitedCanadaandKoreafor many years.”

The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations withSouth Korea. Demonstrating the true spirit of this international friendship, the NCC is working closely with the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival in Jinju inSouth Korea, to create a spectacular 35 m (115 ft) long tunnel, comprised of over 1,300 lanterns inConfederationPark this winter. In addition to strolling through the tunnel, Winterlude-goers can also admire other free-standing large lanterns shaped in whimsical forms.

What’s more, the public will have the unique opportunity to skate past 6 giant lanterns, hung under the Laurier Street Bridge along the Rideau Canal Skateway, all donated by the Festival. Visit our Flickr gallery for an impression of what the tunnel and lanterns will look like.

Also planned forConfederationPark, an impressive ice sculpture presented by Veterans Affairs Canada that will recognize the Canadian contribution to ending the Korean War six decades ago.

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