Beyond Van Gogh a blockbuster success—Beyond Monet coming in 2022

Beyond Van Gogh organizers and stakeholders today expressed their thanks to the 115,000 art lovers who contributed to the incredible success of the immersive exhibit that wrapped up a summer run in Ottawa on Thursday night.

“This was exactly the type of event that people needed after many months of being homebound due to the pandemic,” says Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson. “I want to thank and congratulate the creators and event organizers for bringing Beyond Van Gogh to Ottawa. It was great for tourism, job creation, and it brought a steady stream of visitors to Lansdowne Park – not to mention a much-needed lift to the spirits of all who attended.”

On the heels of the highly successful Beyond Van Gogh exhibit presented by RBC, Paquin Entertainment Group and the Team Behind Bluesfest are proud to present yet another opportunity to enjoy an incredible immersive art experience—Beyond Monet. The exhibition will be launched at Lansdowne Park’s Aberdeen Pavilion during the spring of 2022 and run for a limited time throughout the summer. The experience is brought to life by Mathieu St-Arnaud and Félix Fradet-Faguy, and their creative team at Normal Studio—the same team that created Beyond Van Gogh.

“Beyond Monet spans thousands of square feet, making it one of the largest immersive experiences in Canada,” says Justin Paquin, Co-Producer and Director of Live, Paquin Entertainment Group. “You truly feel like you are a part of the bright and colourful world of Claude Monet rather than a spectator.”

Beyond Monet allows guests a glimpse into the emotions and perspectives of the leading figure of Impressionism, Claude Monet, while they enter the Garden Gallery. The Prism then transports visitors into the biggest feature area of the exhibit. Taking inspiration from Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris, the designated home of Monet’s masterpieces, guests can freely roam the Infinity Room, an oval-shaped space, to fully absorb the artist’s bright and colourful paintings.

Monet’s stunning imagery encompasses every surface of the room, from floor to ceiling, transporting guests inside the paintings themselves. It is a haven for awakening the senses as the ebb and flow of the artwork is accompanied by the rhythm of an original score.

“Combining technology with pieces that were crafted to perfection, Beyond Monet is redefining what art means to people,” says Gilles Paquin, Producer and CEO, Paquin Entertainment Group. “It has elevated artwork to the next level, allowing us to form new relationships with notable masterpieces that was just not possible in previous years.”

The immersive experience grants access to over 400 paintings of some of the most iconic works of impressionism, including the Water Lilies series, Impression: Sunrise and Poppies. Beyond Monet is full of infinite potential for wonder and sheds new light on what the world thought they knew about Monet.

“It is such a privilege to work with so many talented partners in Ottawa—including RBC Regional President, Marjolaine Hudon and her team—to bring Monet to life,” says Mark Monahan, the executive director of the Team Behind Bluesfest. “Audiences in this city are used to world-class entertainment and Beyond Monet will deliver yet another experience that art lovers will be talking about for years to come.”

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About Paquin Entertainment Group: Founded in 1985, Paquin Entertainment Group is a full-service, diversified entertainment company, and home to four divisions: Artist Agency & Management, Theatre & Film, Brand Partnerships and International Exhibitions. The company focuses on maximizing opportunities to present and distribute the creative efforts of its producers, creators and artists on a global scale, contributing to their respective potential.

About Normal Studio: Pushing the boundaries of performing arts, entertainment, and public installations since 2009, Normal Studio believes in making life legendary. Using multimedia magic and fusing physical and technological elements to transform spaces into full-on immersive experiences, Normal Studio tells stories in new and different ways by reimagining what’s possible. The result is a unique adventure that sparks awe and wonder, making an unforgettable impact on people’s everyday lives.

About the Team Behind Bluesfest: The Team Behind Bluesfest has produced major festivals and events in Ottawa for close to 30 years; including the RBC Bluesfest and the CityFolk music festival, where some of the biggest names in the music business come from around the world to perform annually, in downtown Ottawa.