OFN speaks with one voice to proactively address issues and challenges, and supports opportunities that benefit the industry. We communicate and network with all three levels of government and monitor legislative and policy issues that impact the industry.

Festivals, special events and fairs are vital to a vibrant, inspired and prosperous capital city! We are an excellent investment with tremendous ROI. We create jobs, drive consumer spending, keep our region thriving—fostering economic growth, and building neighbourhoods and community. We are an important part of tourism, cultural tourism, and are a significant part of Ottawa’s brand.

Why Ottawa’s festivals, special events and fairs matter:

  • Audience spend of $118M
  • Creating 4,100 jobs
  • 3.5 million attendees
  • Industry buying power: $45M
  • Leveraging power: For every dollar the City of Ottawa invests in our industry, our industry generates $28 more through earned revenue, sponsorship and funding from other levels of government
  • 15.64% of festival revenue comes from government funding. 3.57% of that revenue comes from City of Ottawa funding.
  • The industry contributes to the social well-being of residents through many programs and partnerships. It raises more than $1.2M for charities annually.

To learn more, download our economic impact infographic:

Download the economic impact infographic