2023 Event Applications with The City of Ottawa

With the continued concerns of labour shortages and supply chain issues, the Event Central team at the City of Ottawa has advised that necessary event permit applications are best submitted sooner rather than later.

Submitting your applications early will allow you to work effectively with the City to identify any gaps and work towards solutions.

The following information has been provided by Event Central to support your planning.

Important for 2023: Verify your application submission deadlines
We encourage you to get your 2023 permit applications in early! Late or incomplete application packages that do not meet the minimum timelines outlined below will require a formal request and may only be accepted when deemed operationally feasible to do so.

At a minimum, the event package must include the application, a site and/or route plan, and an emergency plan to be considered complete. Visual plans must be in a digital format (hand drawn site plans are no longer accepted). Email [email protected] for one-on-one coaching to update your plans.

Minimum Timelines
As set in the Special Events on Public & Private Property (By-law 2013-232)

90 days in advance if the event includes alcohol service, the use of a roadway, or if the event occurs on a date of significance such as Victoria Day or Canada Day

60 days in advance if none of the above is included but the event uses provincial or federal property, requests a noise exemption, or has temporary structures or equipment, such as large tents

30 days in advance for all other events

Small events (under 500 people) on City streets or sidewalks should review the updated application process on ottawa.ca.

Submitting 2023 applications online
On the home page of the online portal, you will now find your 2022 event application under Past events. Click the arrow to the right and select Clone Application. Click OK and your draft 2023 application will appear under Current events. Open the 2023 application to review details, update dates or other relevant information, confirm that support documents are accurate, and submit!

Improved planning resources
Our webpage has been updated as a one-stop location to find information on a variety of permit applications, venue booking information, and planning resources including a comprehensive Event Guide and emergency planning tools.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call 613-580-2424, ext. 14613 and we would be happy to assist you.

On behalf of Event Central and the Special Events Advisory Team, thank you for your timely submissions and your contributions in making our city an exciting place to live, work, and play!

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Tel/tél: 613.580.2424 ext. 14613

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