Theatre Wakefield Presents: a Lighthearted Evening of Comedy

WAKEFIELD, QC – Theatre Wakefield presents “An Evening of Comedy – Then and Now”- two one-act comedies – Caught with His Trance Down by George Feydeau (translated by Norman R. Shapiro) and Love Potion by Irene Saharov at the Wakefield La Pêche Community Centre on Friday, November 23 at 7pm; Saturday, November 24 at 7pm; Sunday, November 25 at 2pm; Friday, November 30 at 7pm; and Saturday, December 1 at 7pm.

The evening starts with Love Potion, set in Montreal, the home of playwright Irene Saharov. The play has connections to Wakefield and the National Capital Region. It was workshopped in Wakefield in 2016 as part of the New Works program, and it was part of the line-up of a recent Montreal Fringe Festival.

“When Nestor and Louise try online dating for the first time, it seems like a match made in heaven. But Cousin Ricky rolls into town looking for a couch to crash on, carrying a recipe for a love potion that could make or break this budding romance.”

Caught with his Trance Down closes the evening. The play is written by George Feydeau. Feydeau is credited by many as the father of modern farce and the greatest of the French farceurs. His plays are noted for their great wit and complex plots, featuring misunderstandings and coincidences, and what one critic called a “jack-in-the-box construction”.

“Bouriquet is an eligible bachelor living with his servant Justin who secretly hypnotizes Bouriquet to do all the chores. But now Doctor Valencourts arrives with plans to marry his daughter to Bouriquet. Will Justin be able to maintain his precarious position as the master of the home or will he be discovered?”

“An Evening of Comedy – Then and Now” celebrates the evolution of comedic theatre, and showcases an emerging and local young director as well as local and regional talented actors.

“I’m powerfully drawn to comedy. For me, even more so than drama or tragedy, laughter at, and with, daily life is a great way to bring more fun into life. It also can deftly and subtly release tension, shift our perceptions of society, and give pause to our habitual behaviours”, says Gabriel Milling, Director and recent graduate in Fine Arts, Theatre major from Concordia University.

“Also, November is one of the darkest months of the year, and a lighthearted evening seems to be just the lift people would want”, adds Milling.

Theatre Wakefield, founded 17 years ago, volunteer led and run, is pleased to be a part of the Wakefield, La Peche and Gatineau Hills community and the cultural scene of the National Capital Region. Focusing on community theatre and film, Theatre Wakefield produces main-stage performances, dramatic readings, heritage animation projects, Wakefield Doc Fest, Ta Da! Festival, various hosted productions and a variety of training workshops.

“We’re just a stone’s throw away from Ottawa and Gatineau up a four-lane highway, so we hope people will come for our play… and stay! We encourage people to visit our eclectic and highly-rated restaurants on theatre nights, to stay at our lovely hotels or B&Bs for the night or weekend and browse our many appealing boutiques”, says Lynn Forrest, President of Theatre Wakefield.

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