The Game’s Afoot Stories from Sherlock Holmes

NAC’s 4th STAGE (53 Elgin Street)
Thursday, June 18, 7:30 p.m., doors open at 7:00
Ages 12 and up
Tickets: $22, seniors $18; Live Rush & subscription available


Step out of the shadows and plunge into the fog-damped streets of Holmesian London where violence and danger abound. In The Dying Detective, Holmes’ very existence is threatened but Watson is determined to help his dear friend in any way he can.

And don’t imagine that a sortie to the bucolic countryside will provide a safe haven especially for the former captain of an Arctic whaler whose past has come back to haunt him. Conan Doyle drew on his own dangerous experiences on the ice floes of the Arctic seas to craft The Adventure of Black Peter.

For more information, contact: Laurie Fyffe, Artistic Manager ([email protected]), 613-322-8336,


During the summer between grades 8 and 9, Kathie Kompass encountered Sherlock Holmes on a library shelf – and the relationship has been ongoing. When she’s not accompanying Holmes and Watson across the moors or into the Sussex countryside, she  tells stories in libraries, churches, summer camps, schools, and for the Girl Guides of Canada. She has co-chaired the Ottawa Storytelling Festival as well as telling there and at Festivals in Toronto, Trenton, and Sharon (Ont.).

Currently Kathie leads the “Introduction to Storytelling” workshop for Ottawa StoryTellers.

Renowned for her exquisite sense of language and her flashes of quicksilver humour, for more than a decade, Mary Wiggin has delighted audiences at the Fourth Stage, the Tea Party, the West End Well, the Billings Ghost Walk, and the Toronto Storytelling Festival with her well-honed tales. She is co-coordinator of the storytelling series at the Tea Party and the West End Well and has taught the” Introduction to Storytelling” workshop.

As a devoted fan of The Great Detective, Mary is delighted to share one of his delicious stories. 

Kyle Burghout has been a finalist at fiddle competitions in Canada, the USA, and Ireland, including the Canadian Junior Fiddle Championship and the All-Ireland Fiddle Competition. He is currently completing his Bachelor of Music degree at the University of Ottawa, studying classical violin performance and composition, while playing with the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra. He also teaches fiddle/violin to over 20 students, and is in the process of recording a CD of traditional Canadian and Irish fiddle music.