The Diefenbunker is delighted to welcome Pixie Cram as the Museum’s 2017 Artist-in-Residence

Pixie Cram is a filmmaker currently based in Hull, Quebec. Her work includes fiction, animation, documentary, and installation. Pixie studied theatre performance and playwrighting at Concordia University in Montreal before taking up filmmaking. She is co-founder of the Windows Collective, a group devoted to the creation and exhibition of experimental works using film. On top of her own art practice she works as a freelance director, editor and cinematographer.

Artist Statement

Since 2000, I’ve been making experimental films and videos using techniques that include stop-motion animation, puppet animation, and live action, working in formats such as super-8, 16mm, and digital video. I’ve created fiction, documentaries, and site-specific film installations through the Windows Collective, a group I founded along with Roger D. Wilson in 2008. The vision of the collective is to play with the aesthetics of residential and commercial architectural structures in Ottawa, and to re-invent a contemporary and mobile urban art practice built out of the traditions of filmmaking.

A recurring theme in my work is the relationship between nature and technology. Often, the natural world is dominant, and the human characters grapple with questions of responsibility.

I describe the style that I work in as rustic futurism, where the systems and machines have largely broken-down, and nature inspires a new approach to old questions — a kind of pastoral science-fiction.

I am currently in post-production on Pragmatopia, a 45-minute fiction film about three young people adrift in the countryside following the nuclear bombing of their city. The theme of war has appeared in two of my previous films, The Factory of Light (30 min., 2007) and Joan (6.5 min, 2014).

Stay tuned for updates on Pixie’s residency plans!

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