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3:38 pm in News Release

Dear Friends of Music and Beyond,

As you know, we have just wrapped up our third edition of Music and Beyond. I am delighted that, over the course of 80 concerts and events, we were able to go in so many directions and offer the widest scope of programming in our three-year history. Be sure to visit our web site at where you can see hundreds of photos from the 2012 festival!

The Ottawa Citizen summed things up well with the headline, Ben Heppner pleases, Music and Beyond festival soars…

And soar we did. Attendance surpassed 35,000, an increase of over 11% from 2011. Feedback from our surveys was overwhelmingly glowing with 99.7% stating they were satisfied with the event this year and 96% reporting a high level of satisfaction. Over 98% reported that they felt Music and Beyond enhanced their image of the National Capital Region. Of the hundreds of people who responded, only three said they would not be coming back. All three took the time to say that they wanted to come back, but that they already knew they would be out of the country!

At this point, we\’re very excited about planning for next year, but we need your support. As you know, Music and Beyond offers its passes at an exceptionally low cost, in order to ensure that everyone is able to attend our concerts. It is tremendously important to all of us at Music and Beyond that the festival is accessible and affordable to everyone. Ticket and pass revenue only covers a relatively small portion of the cost of putting on such an enormous festival.


Cher monsieur, (Chère madame),

Vous n\’ignorez sans doute pas que le troisième festival Musique et autres mondes vient de se terminer. Nous sommes ravis de rapporter que nos 80 concerts et autres événements nous ont permis de nous déployer dans de nombreuses directions et d\’offrir la programmation la plus variée de nos trois ans d\’histoire. Ne négligez pas de consulter notre site, au afin d\’y voir des centaines de photos de son déroulement.

Le chroniqueur du Ottawa Citizen a bien résumé les choses en coiffant son article ainsi: «Ben Heppner bien accueilli par le public, Musique et autres mondes monte en flèche…»

On ne saurait mieux dire! Plus de 35,000 personnes ont assisté aux concerts, ce qui représente une augmentation de plus de 11% par rapport à 2011. Les résultats de notre sondage ont été extrêmement positifs, 99,7% des répondants se disant satisfaits des prestations de cette année et 96% très satisfaits. Plus de 98% d\’entre eux ont aussi répondu que Musique et autres mondes rehausse l\’image de la région de la capitale nationale. Sur les centaines de répondants, seulement trois ont précisé ne pas revenir l\’année prochaine, non par déception de leur part, mais parce qu\’ils seraient à l\’extérieur du pays.

Planifier la programmation de l\’année prochaine nous enthousiasme déjà, mais pour la réaliser, nous avons besoin de votre appui. Vous avez sans doute remarqué que les passeports de Musique et autres mondes sont offerts à des prix exceptionnellement modiques afin que tout le monde puisse assister à nos concerts. Cela tient à notre ferme conviction de devoir présenter de la musique accessible et abordable pour tous. Toutefois, les recettes produites par la vente des passeports et des billets ne couvrent qu\’une modeste part des coûts inhérents à la tenue d\’un festival d\’unetelle envergure.

Where the cost of labour is priceless

9:45 am in Festival News, Festivals in the News

By Elizabeth Howell, Ottawa Business Journal

Volunteers provide connections, passion for local festivals

Volunteers working at the Music and Beyond festival don’t do it for free tickets to the chamber music concerts or the theatre performances, says founder Julian Armour. To borrow from a popular baseball movie, they do it for love of the game.

In essence, the volunteers get the joy of contributing to the festival and helping to build Ottawa’s music scene from the ground up, he says.

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Music and Beyond attendance rises 11%

3:11 pm in Festival News, Festivals in the News


Music and Beyond\’s attendance of over 35,000 people was 11 per cent higher than that of last year, officials stated.

Organizers of the festival, which has concerts, theatre performances and other events, said surveys of attendees showed overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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Music & Beyond wraps up memorable festival with Heppner recital

9:40 am in Festival News

By Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen

Sunday evening at Dominion-Chalmers, with a song recital featuring tenor Ben Heppner and pianist John Hess, the third annual Music and Beyond festival came to an end. There were about 80 events in the festival and about a quarter of them had extra-musical content.

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New Orford Quartet shines with Debussy, Beethoven and Hétu

10:53 am in Festival News, Festivals in the News

By Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen


A substantial crowd came to St. Andrew’s to hear the New Orford String Quartet play a standard quartet recital. There were three works on the program: Debussy’s Quartet in G minor, the only one he wrote; Beethoven’s Quartet in C, op. 59, no. 2; and for some welcome Canadian content, Jacques Hétu’s Quartet no. 2, op. 50.

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There’s nothing that tenor Ben Heppner likes better than cruising on his motorcycle

3:23 pm in Festival News, Festivals in the News

By Peter Robb, The Ottawa Citizen

Ben Heppner is practically buzzing with excitement over the phone from Salt Lake City where he is visiting one of his children. Not over the prospect of another summer singing Tristan und Isolde, although that’s pretty big.

It’s the anticipation of the arrival of his new motorcycle — a Harley Davidson Switchback — at his Toronto home.

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Audiences to set their own price for superstar tenor Ben Heppner tickets!

3:17 pm in Festival News, News Release

Music and Beyond puts final block of \’reserved section\’ tickets on

Reserved Section seating for Canadian opera superstar tenor Ben Heppner\’s Sunday July 15th performance is almost sold-out and concert-goers will be able to name their price for the remaining tickets through! The 8:00 pm performance at Dominion-Chalmers United Church is the Music and Beyond festival\’s Closing Gala.

Festival organizers will release the final fifty reserved section tickets exclusively through local company\’s unique \’name your own price\’ system, starting at 12:00 noon Tuesday July 10th.

When the bid period begins, users can submit any bid, for any number of seats on The bidding period ends at 11:59 pm on Thursday, July 12th . When the bidding period ends, users are notified by e-mail whether or not their bid was accepted by Successful bidders collect their tickets at Dominion-Chalmers United Church just before the show. Signing up and making a bid on is always free and users only pay what they bid for the tickets they actually get.

\”We are excited to be partnering with to put patrons in control of pricing for the last block of reserved section tickets for this amazing artist,\” said Julian Armour, Artistic and Executive Director of Music and Beyond. Read the rest of this entry →

Handel’s Water Music live, on a pirate boat, on the canal, with video

11:56 am in Festival News, Festivals in the News

By Peter Simpson, The Big Beat, The Ottawa Citizen

On July 17, 1717, King George I sat on a barge on the Thames and listened to the new entertainment he’d ordered up for the occasion – Handel’s Water Music, which musicians performed on an adjacent barge. The king liked his royal-command treat so much, he ordered it to be played three times. The musicians who performed Water Music while floating down the Rideau Canal on Sunday morning likely know the feeling.

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From Big Jeezus Truck to the classical music festival? Now that’s a drummer.

10:50 am in Festival News, Festivals in the News

The Big Beat, Ottawa Citizen

Have drum sticks, will travel.


Chad Walls is a drummer for hire, when he’s not sitting on his usual seat as “Capt. Killdrums” in Ottawa’s loud, raucous and highly entertaining band Big Jeezus Truck. Walls has temped with Ottawa metal band Exciter on a “metal cruise” in Sweden, and he has toured with Paul Dianno of Iron Maiden — in both cases with …

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More on Music and Beyond:

Music and Beyond: Gala gets off to splendid start

1:47 pm in Festival News, Festivals in the News

By Richard Todd, The Ottawa Citizen


Photograph by: Bill Blackstone

Music and Beyond Opening Gala

Dominion-Chalmers Church
Wednesday, July 4

So the chamber music season is officially underway. Wednesday evening a host of artists launched the Music and Beyond festival with a gala featuring 30 or so instrumentalists and singers in various combinations performing a nice vatiety of repertoire.

It began with Daniel Taylor and his Theatre of Early Music, chorus and orchestra, who presented Handel’s anthem, Zadok the Priest. It was a splendid performance; one can scarcely imagine a stronger way to open a festival.

Next came the Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor, one of the pillars of chamber music. The Fine Arts Quartet and pianist Menahm Pressler were the musicians and their names alone promised a very special rendition. And special it was, though it may not have been to everyone’s taste.

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