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Nuit Blanche Ottawa appoints curator, makes big steps towards Sept. 22 debut

2:08 pm in Industry News

Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen

Don’t expect Nuit Blanche Ottawa to be Nuit Blanche Toronto, says the newly appointed curator of the annual, one-night festival of contemporary art, to be held in the capital for the first time later this year.

“As a curator I’m not really interested in doing these sensational projects that cost a lot of money, that are really more show than content,” says Stefan St-Laurent, who has been appointed curator of Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2012, to be held Sept. 22.

Nuit Blanche events in other cities, especially Toronto, are perhaps best known for large, richly funded works of art that make use of, for example, the CN Tower, or the space between the twin towers of Toronto’s city hall. The installations are usually commissioned with the hundreds of thousands of dollars given to the festival each year by the City of Toronto or the event’s major sponsor, Scotiabank.

“There will be some works that utilize spectacle as part of its message,” says St-Laurent, who left his job as curator of SAW Gallery last year to focus on freelance curating and creating his own art, “but in general I don’t think it’s very healthy for people to have that expectation of art, that it has to be spectacular, sensational, big, bright, expensive. I think it gives a very skewed view of what the visual arts are like today.”

A foggy Nuit Blanche

1:17 pm in Industry News, Ottawa News

Organizers need to step up and build some excitement for the proposed art festival

Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen

Haven’t heard much about Nuit Blanche Ottawa since a public meeting was held a couple of weeks ago.

The meeting was organized by Bravo-Est, the local branch of a provincewide independent group of artists. The group got seed money from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to launch Nuit Blanche events — the overnight festivals of contemporary art, mostly outdoors — in several Ontario cities, including Ottawa.

The meeting at La Nouvelle Scene on King Edward Street attracted about 60 people, who asked a lot of thoughtful questions and, in some cases, publicly declared their support for a Nuit Blanche in Ottawa. Bravo-Est should be capitalizing on this momentum as immediately and publicly as possible, but since the meeting there’s been hardly a peep that I can hear.

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Nuit Blanche meeting set for Tuesday

2:48 pm in Community News, Industry News, Ottawa News

The Ottawa Citizen

The campaign to launch a Nuit Blanche in Ottawa is gathering steam again. There\’s a meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 18, at La Nouvelle Scène, 333 King Edward Ave., to discuss the launch of the onenight, city-wide festivals of contemporary art that are held in Toronto, Paris and many other cities. The meeting is organized by BRAVO-est, an arts group in Eastern Ontario. Material sent to people invited to the meeting says that Nuit Blanche will debut in Ottawa on Sept. 22, 2012. Organizers say Club SAW in Arts Court and the Gordon Harrison Gallery on Sussex Drive have already signed on.