Outdoor Festival Survival Guide

By Jake Munro

Surviving and thriving at multiple outdoor festivals throughout the summer might seem like a tall task, and it truly is, but arriving with the right equipment makes all the difference. For instance, merely forgetting your sunscreen can turn a spectacular day full of music and laughter into a miserable experience full of burnt skin and troubling thoughts of skin cancer. 

So, with surviving and thriving in mind, Ottawa Festivals has taken the liberty to create a guide on how to fully enjoy your festival experiences. Read on for some valuable tips! 


No one wants to spend most of their festival time squinting at the wonderful attractions or musical acts they went out of their way to see, so make sure to remember a dashing pair of sunnies. You won’t be blinded by the sun, and everyone who forget their sunglasses will be blinded by the sheer amount of preparation you’re exhibiting 😎


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Refillable water bottle

Staying hydrated is a must when spending the day outdoors! So, bringing along a refillable water bottle is an easy way to keep up your intake of H2O while also not contributing to the growing amount of plastic in our oceans. It’s a win-win! Make sure to hydrate, or you’ll die-drate. 


Those hot days can really dry out your skin, and those of us who live with dry skin know that it’s imperative to bring a good portable moisturizer to any outdoor function. Keeping that skin glowing is important people! You get bonus points if you can find a moisturizer that also happens to be… 


The most well-known essential to bring to any outdoor activity, yet people still forget it sometimes! Your skin needs protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, even when it’s cloudy. According to the John Stoddard Cancer Center, using sunscreen on a consistent basis reduces your chances of developing deadly cancers later in life. Also, it reduces the sun damage your skin takes, slowing down the aging and wrinkling of your skin in the process. 


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Cash $$$

Many festival vendors prefer cash or don’t accept card, so look to hit up your bank or local ATM before heading to the festival grounds if you know you’re going to grab some food or drinks! Also, having cash on you makes it easier to tip those fabulous entertainers you’re going to see.  


Just like sunglasses, a hat is essential to keeping that beating sun at bay. A hat is a great way to create some cool shade for your face and make sure you thoroughly enjoy your day, valued festie!

Extra pair of socks 

The threat of rain is always present in Ottawa, and you don’t want to be caught standing there, forced to wear wet socks for the rest of the day. Bringing an extra pair of socks alleviates this concern, as an easy sock swap will allow you to quickly bounce back from a dismal downpour.

Poncho + umbrella 

Continuing the rain theme, bringing along a poncho and portable umbrella is always the right call when attending an outdoor festival. Many festivals keep on chugging along whether it’s rain or shine, so donning your poncho and breaking out your trusty umbrella lets you keep enjoying the fantastic festivities! 

That’s it valued festies! Make sure to pack all of these items and you’re sure to have a splendid time at all of the outdoor festivals our beautiful city of Ottawa has to offer. Make sure to #getfestive #soyezdelafete!