OST Epic Fundraising Campaign: June 2018

Announcing the:
OST Epic Fundraising Campaign: June 2018
a month-long fundraising campaign in support of Ottawa StoryTellers

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Ottawa StoryTellers, thank you for being a part of our community! On this first day of June, we are officially launching our 2018 Epic Fundraising Campaign! This campaign started last night with a fundraising showcase, and will continue right through until the end of June. So, expect some fundraising correspondence in these coming weeks, and rest assured that after June 31 we’ll quiet down about money until next year.

OST runs on ticket sales, grants, and donations. Each piece of the puzzle is vital for keeping the organization running. The truth of the matter is that we really need your help. So, you may be asking yourself, what are we doing with the funds we raise? Well, thanks to donations OST received in 2017 we were able to:

  • tell great stories in great spaces (by hiring storytellers, and renting awesome venues such as the National Arts Centre and Arts Court);
  • raise awareness of Ottawa Storytellers, and build our community (that means outreach and advertising costs);
  • connect to the storytelling community across Canada (shelling out for travel expenses for storytellers and our artistic manager).

Now for the important details! We have set an ambitious, but very attainable goal of $2,600. As with our 2017 fundraising campaign, different donation levels earn you different patron status, starting as low as $25. Perhaps you like the sound of “Legendary Listener” or “Saga Hero”!  We would love it if you would give us permission to publish your names on our programs and on our website, to show our gratitude.
If you have contributed to our 2018 campaign already,
from the bottom of our hearts,


If not….

Donate Now ! 

P.S. If you’d rather not donate online, print out this form, and submit it by mail with a cheque made out to Ottawa StoryTellers (342A Elgin St, Ottawa ON, K2P 1M6).