GoFundYourself Makes Dreams Come True at Ottawa Fringe

gofundyourself at Ottawa Fringe Festival

Black Box Comedy is making one lucky audience member’s dream come true every night at the 2019 Ottawa Fringe Festival! The majority of GoFundYourself is improvised – the show relies on community support and engagement. Audience contributions fuel every scene and backers get to see their contributions put to use immediately!

Black Box Comedy is bringing crowdsourcing back to the crowds. This show is a live telethon that begins with an audience member sharing their dream, then through a series of sketches and improvised scenes, the cast of GoFundYourself will attempt to raise enough laughs to “fund” that dream and make it a reality. Every show ends with an improvised day in the audience member’s life once they have achieved their dream. How much of their dream comes true changes every night and is entirely dependent on how many laughs are raised. Have you ever wondered what it would like if you achieved your wildest dreams, but only to 62%? How about 28%? Or 99%? Now you can find out!

The members of Black Box Comedy never would have met if not for their love of improv. Currently Ottawa based, all eight members have serious full time jobs in different fields. The cast includes a wide variety of backgrounds, from event planner to physicist, carpenter to cashier, museum media organizer to military officer – and so much more! Black Box Comedy is a testament to the power of comedy, and theatre in general, in bringing people together! Laughter is the universal currency.

The magic of theatre is the lack of separation between the story and the audience. Improv takes this and multiplies it by 1000! Improv audiences aren’t spectators and they’re not supporting characters either – the audience is the show. Every night is unique and tailored made for ticket holders.


Black Box Comedy
Directed by Chris Hannay

Adriana Johnston
Chelsea Fahey
Lauren Banks
Maria Corts Puch
Matthew Versace
Nick Howe
Sarah Conway
Woody McCadden

Thursday, June 13th – Saturday, June 22nd

Thursday, June 13, 10:00PM
Saturday, June 15, 6:00PM
Sunday, June 16, 3:00PM
Tuesday, June 18, 10:30PM
Thursday, June 20, 7:30PM
Saturday, June 22, 8:00PM

Academic Hall at The University of Ottawa
133 Séraphin-Marion Pvt. | Ottawa, ON

Tickets $12

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