Support the Festival Industry

Festivals, special events and fairs offer a number of benefits to members of our community. Supporting the industry through donorship, investment, sponsorship or volunteerism strengthens the industry so that the industry can achieve growth and sustainability.

Reasons to Support the Festival Industry

  1. Huge Economic Return
  2. Work Experience and Job Creation
  3. Contributes to the ‘Ottawa Brand’
  4. Contribute to Sustainable Growth of the Tourism Industry
  5. Support and Develop Local Culture
  6. Improve Quality of Life
  7. Quality Programming and Brand Alignment
  8. Build Community
  9. Provide Opportunities for Community Participation
  10. Create Learning Opportunities
  11. Connect Cultures
  12. Support Charities

How to Support the Festival industry
For more information on how you can support the festival industry, please feel free to contact [email protected].