Festivals in the News


Artists and projects revealed for Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] There’ll be dancers, shades of Disney, a van made of vinyl and a generally dizzying array of art and performance throughout the city when the third Nuit Blanche Ottawa-Gatineau begins at sundown on Sept. 20. There’ll ... read more »


Photos: Flag tour launches Pride Week

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] Capital Pride Festival celebrants decorated an OC Transpo double-decker bus for a flag-raising tour that will shuttle across Ottawa all day Monday. Any who see the bus are invited to wave, cheer and board the bus for the ... read more »

Arboretum Arts

Arboretum Festival puts local artists in spotlight

[Link: CBC News] The 3rd annual Arboretum music festival opens on Monday and will once again celebrate the best local artists have to offer the city. To kick it off, Our Ottawa speaks with festival artistic director Rolf Klausener about this ... read more »


Capstick: Pride’s progress and potential

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] Thousands and thousands of women and men wanted to march in the first ever gay rights rally in Ottawa. Only 200 brave Canadians could join “We Demand” Protest that day. For most lesbians and gays, stepping onto ... read more »


Capital Pride theme meant to highlight gender expression

[Link: CFRA News] The annual Capital Pride Festival is underway. The events kicked off last night at a special Nature Nocturne event at the Nature Museum Friday night and the event's organizers say pride isn't just about sexual orientation ... read more »


Cutting-edge technology on display at Maker Faire

[Link: Ottawa Business Journal] Michael Golubev doesn’t temper his enthusiasm when asked where the business of 3-D printing is headed. “It’s going to be bigger than the Internet, bigger than smartphones, bigger than anything we’ve seen ... read more »


Party or protest? For Ottawa’s Capital Pride, it’s both

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] It’s deeply political. Anybody who says it’s just a party would be wrong. But it’s also a hell of a good party,” says Ian Capstick, an active member of Ottawa’s pride community. “We’re gay. We’re really good ... read more »


National Capital Beer Festival kicks off for its third year

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] Toasting beer as the “universal language,” Israel’s ambassador to Canada helped kick off the third annual National Capital Beer Festival at City Hall on Thursday. While the festival won’t officially open its ... read more »


Weekend highlights at the 2014 Capital Pride festival

[Link: Ottawa Citizen] Nature Nocturne Aug. 15, 8 p.m. Museum of Nature: $25 for 19+ includes food and tax. The opening event, this lavish evening transports guests to the roaring 20s in one of Ottawa’s most historic buildings, with access ... read more »


Thousands attend Navan Fair

[Link: Orléans Star] The 68th annual Navan Fair has once again come and gone this past week. From August 7 – 10, an estimated 25,000 people arrived for the festivities. There were a variety of activities, including a parade, horse, truck ... read more »