Canada Becomes More Popular for Global Travellers in 2017

With Canada’s 150th anniversary approaching, global travel deals publisher Travelzoo (NASDAQ:TZOO) has released results from the Travelzoo® Spring 2017 Travel Trends Survey* showing that Canada is projected to have an uptick in popularity this year. Results show that interest in visiting Canada for Americans and Germans nearly doubled from 2016. In addition, interest from Chinese, Spanish and British travellers increased in 2017. Canadian respondents also voted Canada their number one destination this year, tied with perennial beach favourite, the Caribbean, and beating last year’s number one choice, the United States.

Additionally, Travelzoo asked Canadians for their favourite places to visit within the country:

  • British Columbia was the most popular province, followed closely by Ontario. Alberta came in third.
  • The top Canadian must-see destinations/attractions were Banff and Lake Louise in Alberta, followed by Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • A quarter of those polled said they were planning to travel within Canada at least twice this year. A further 29 percent said they would travel within Canada four times or more in 2017.

Inspired by Canada’s popularity and the upcoming sesquicentennial, Travelzoo is launching 150 days of Travelzoo Tips highlighting top Canadian destinations, travel advice and insider recommendations. Over the 150 days leading up to July 1, tips from Travelzoo members, Canadian influencers, expats, Travelzoo staff and other seasoned travellers will be shared daily on the Travelzoo website. There will also be several sweepstakes offering the chance to win travel prizes such as weekend hotel stays.

“With the 150th anniversary approaching, Canada is front and centre in people’s minds as a must-visit 2017 destination. We know that many Canadians are planning to travel within the country and visitors from abroad will be able to take advantage of our lower dollar to maximize their vacation experience,” says Lara Barlow, Travelzoo’s General Manager, Canada. “We are excited to be launching our 150 days of Travelzoo Tips to celebrate our nation’s anniversary and share all the great things Canada has to offer.”


*The Travelzoo® Spring 2017 Travel Trends Survey was conducted using an online questionnaire completed by 7,349 Travelzoo members from Canada, China, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States in December 2016.