SuperEx 2012 still seeks home

New site on Albion Road sits untouched while organizers seek partner to mount annual fair

David Reevely, The Ottawa Citizen

The Central Canada Exhibition is looking for a temporary location for 2012 and maybe beyond, since practically nothing has been done yet to prepare a \”permanent\” home for the fair on land it has been granted off Albion Road in south Ottawa, according to Councillor Bob Monette.

Monette, who sits on the exhibition\’s board, said the property has to be cleared, prepared and serviced before it can host even a strippeddown agricultural fair, and none of that has been done yet.

The 10-day event had been held for a century at Lansdowne Park, until the city ejected it this year to make way for construction work on the Lansdowne redevelopment.

That\’s been held up by the Friends of Lansdowne court case that was only settled last week, so as it turned out the fair\’s traditional home might have been available – but the Ex\’s board decided last winter to pull the plug on this year\’s edition and restarting the whole works wasn\’t feasible.

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