Ottawa Storytellers Present – A House Divided: Stories and Songs of the American Civil War

[Source: Ottawa StoryTellers press release]

A House Divided: Stories and Songs of the American Civil War

featuring Gail Anglin, Paul Hornbeck, Daniel Kletke, & Tom Lips

NAC’s 4th STAGE, January 19, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets: $20 from NAC Box Office or

The American Civil War is one of the most talked about conflicts in modern history. With slavery, nationalism, and changing economics at its core, this war saw brother fighting brother. Tonight, we hear stories from both perspectives – North and South, framed with the stirring songs that were sung by soldiers and those who waited for them back home.


Gail Anglin has a deep interest in history and relishes turning research into storytelling performance. She loves stories that illuminate the past and songs that still carry the emotions of the men and women who once sang them. She has written her own material for this show, and writes and performs local stories at the Bytown Museum and Billings Estate National Historic Site. Gail has performed in festivals and schools, and on radio and TV, offering a wide range of material from children’s shows to epics. A talented musician, Gail particularly enjoys singing the alto harmony to Tom Lips’ tenor melodies in programs such as the well-received Pete Seeger show that played in Ottawa and Toronto. In addition to being a teller, Gail directs the “Spirits of the Times” murder mysteries and the spring Chautauquas (Victorian tent shows) at the Billings Estate.

Gail’s relatives fought on the Union side in the Civil War.

Captivated by the spoken word at a young age, Daniel Kletke has brought stories to audiences at festivals, schools, museums, and campfires from Toronto to Halifax. He is most often heard telling stories from classical mythology or local history and makes the old epics both vibrant and moving. He also enjoys performing at Ottawa StoryTellers’ annual murder mystery at Billings Estate National Historic Site, this year taking on the role of the famous detective, Philip Marlowe. Daniel has an English degree from the University of Ottawa and also has training as a visual artist.  He lives and works in his home town of Ottawa.

Tom Lips is a gifted singer and songwriter as well as a creative and dynamic teller of traditional and original stories.  Described by Christine Lavin as “a masterful singing storyteller,” Tom writes in an eclectic mix of styles.  His songs have been described as “poignant outpourings of emotion”, but his wry sense of humour is never far away. His CDs, “Made of Sky” and “Practical Man”, have won many friends.  Tom has been an active storyteller for two decades, with numerous performances in the “Stories from the Ages” epic series and the Fourth Stage storytelling series, as well as appearances at Ottawa museums and the storytelling festivals of Ottawa, Toronto, North Bay, and Westport. Visit Tom’s website at

Paul Hornbeck has been playing old-time banjo for some 40 years. During that period, his musical career has gone all the way from oblivion to obscurity. He has performed, alone and with various accomplices, at numerous coffee houses in Ontario and Quebec, and at the Mariposa Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, and the Leacock Humour Festival. He is also an avid reader of Civil War history and collector of Civil War artifacts, including a splendid sword that was used only once during rehearsals.